Dual Shaker

- improving your healthy lifestyle

Dual Shaker - the future of shaking! The world's fastest shaker cup is here. Take your shake whenever you want and wherever you want.
Fresh drinks, anytime, anywhere - with the brand new Dual Shaker.

The latest shaker cup innovation: Dual Shaker V2

With the brand new Dual Shaker you can easily mix shakes that give you the desired energy for your workout sessions or even meal replacement shakes that you take during your diet.
Mixing the powder and liquid of your choice was never easier and faster than before.
The german engineered Dual Shaker was made out of the highest quality materials and was designed to improve your healthy lifestyle.
The Dual Shaker consists of a worldwide patented two chamber system in which you can store your powder and liquid separately, but still in one single shaker: Both ingredients in one place.
There is no need anymore to prepare your shake in the office, university or in the gym. You can prepare it now in the morning before you leave the house or even one day before. The Dual Shaker is 100% leak proof and so the powder and the liquid which are stored into two separate chambers will not mix when transporting the shaker.
When it's time to take the shake just twist the Dual Shaker's cap max. 360 degrees and shake. With this small twist you create enough space inside the Dual Shaker, so that the magic happens and the powder mixes with the liquid.
The Dual Shaker: Shake better, shake faster, shake Dual Shaker.

Protein and liquid in one single shaker cup

The worldwide unique two chamber system consists of two separate chambers. In the bigger chamber (left one in the picture) you can store 17oz / 500ml of liquid and in the smaller chamber (right one in the picture) you can store 8 oz / 250ml of powder - either your protein powder for workouts or meal replacement powder for diets.
With the Dual Shaker you have your ingredients for your shake in one single place - ready to be mixed.
No more mixing in the gym or in the office. No more messy tables or spilled powder over the floor.
The Dual Shaker: powder and liquid in one single shaker.

Pillbox without a taller or bigger shaker cup

The unique pillbox sits on top of the Dual Shaker inside the cap. At this position it doesn't disturb you or make the Dual Shaker bigger or even taller.
The pillbox has four different compartments to store your pills of choice in it. If you don't take any pills and therefore don't need the pillbox you can take it out of course. Additionally, you can use the pillbox even without the Dual Shaker, for drugs you take.
The Dual Shaker: pills are always at hand.

Overview - The Dual Shaker at a glance

Fresh drinks

Drink your fresh mixed drink anytime and anywhere you want.

Two chamber system

Store two ingredients separated from each other in one single shaker cup.

Power of ingredients

Don't loose the power of your ingredients.

100% Leak Proof

No surprises when transporting your Dual Shaker in your bag or backpack.

BPA free

Your health is our priority, so no worries about the materials we use.

International patent

The Dual Shaker's international patent is on pending status.

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Store your pills in the compartments of the pillbox and take them with you.

Dishwasher safe

Don't be afraid to put your Dual Shaker in your dishwasher in order to clean it.

High Quality

The highest quality materials guarantee you the best user experience.

German engineered

Best production and engineering through german concept and design.

Eco- & user friendly design

Environmental responsibility protecting the needs of the planet and of everyone.

Different colors

Different colors to choose from for your individuality and personal lifestyle.

About us - the story behind the Dual Shaker

As usual everything started with an idea but let us start from the very beginning.

If you workout the following scenario will be familiar to you: Transporting your liquid of choice and your favorite protein powder in two separated containers to your gym. And then the moment comes when you want to mix your drink, somewhere at the gym, at the university or even in the office. Somehow you have to get the powder into the bottle containing the liquid. And all this without spilling the powder all over the table or floor.
Depending on the conditions and the surrounding this task can be an unpleasant or uncomfortable.

So we asked ourselves "why not having just one single shaker cup which already contains the powder and liquid". The idea was born and after several months of brainstorming sessions, conceptional designs and prototypes the Dual Shaker was developed. We invested a lot of time and money into the final design and the production of the Dual Shaker because we always believe in the perfect shaker cup.
We wanted a shaker cup that improves your healthy lifestyle, either you are doing sports or you are on a diet. It should be elegant in design to suit also office environments, of highest quality and of course innovative.
We think we achieved these three goals while focusing on our world wide patented two chamber system and on our unique pillbox .

- The Dual Shaker Team

Distributors - Dual Shaker available in...

One Source: USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and Caribbean

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dual Shaker Cup made of BPA-free plastic?

Yes. The Dual Shaker Cup is made of BPA-free plastic and the materials are FDA approved.

Is the Dual Shaker Dishwasher Safe?

Yes. The Dual Shaker is dishwasher safe.

Is the Dual Shaker recyclable?

At the bottom of the Dual Shaker bottle, you will find a symbol that says PP. Its equivalent is the #5, which means the plastic is recyclable.

Is the Dual Shaker lead-free?


Is the Dual Shaker microwavable?

Yes, but we do not encourage it.

Can the Dual Shaker be used to mix hot liquids?

Yes. The advantage of Dual Shaker is that it has a screw lid cap so the pressure caused by a hot or warm drink or food preparation would not cause the cap to pop.

How can I know if it is a genuine Dual Shaker?

Dual Shaker is a patented product. We customize for many companies carrying their logo on the Dual Shaker, but we have a privacy program for the label that we use. Nonetheless, the bottom of every bottle will always have the Dual Shaker trademark and patent number.

Does the Dual Shaker meet the US government standards?


Is the Dual Shaker patented?

Dual Shaker’s international patent is on pending status.

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